"Step on it Big Boy" nestled in WITR's "Whole Lotta Shakin" Top Twenty since it's release... Find Out Why!

Some words from our fans:

     Seriously, what's wrong with these guys? The Badenovs seem intent on being obscure and content to confuse their audiences. The music on their new CD, Step On It BIG BOY (Jargon), is smooth, poppy, and downright catchy. It's when lead singer Stan "The Man" Merrell opens his mouth that the going gets genuinely weird.

      Some may take the band's odes to K-Tel Records, Lemonade, and two --- count 'em, two --- songs about Spam ("Old Devil Spam" is easily the best track on the disc) as a parody. But a closer listen to this platter will reveal the serious method to their madness. And that's even scarier. Very cool, very odd-ball --- like a Big Daddy Roth model kit set to music.

            Frank DeBlase, City Magazine,  October 23 2002

from NYROCK:

Badenovs, Step On It Big Boy ( Badenovs)
This outfit out of Rochester, NY uses a good dose of humor in their songs. Want proof? Titles like "K-Tel Rock Star," "(It's Time to Party With) Hitler's Dog," and "I'll Never Eat Human Flesh Again," indicate their sensibilities are a bit skewed, to say the least. But there's a comforting element to their garage-band sound, an undercurrent of soul and funk that lifts the standard garage-rock element a bit. Vocalist Stan Merrell isn't content to merely sing the lyrics his voice ranges from comic lilt to screeching, more along the lines of S.J. Hawkins than the current crop of hardcore voices. With a sax and keyboards in addition to the standard bass, guitars, and drums, the music is busier, like a hyper-caffeinated Van Morrison, and it charges along without letting up. Part frat-rock, part garage, parts unknown; the sound is fresh and fun, and worth checking out. www.jargonrecords.com/badenovs

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